Greening minds since 2009

Kicking up a creative storm

Mother Nature gives all to her children so they may live well and flourish. However, human beings overuse, misuse and abuse all her resources leaving her drained and dying. This has been going on for so long and to such an extent that it now poses a threat to man’s continued life on earth. Spreading environmental consciousness has become the need of the hour.

Origin of a Creative Storm

•In 2009, Dileep Narayanan, Founder of Organic BPS, launched Greenstorm Initiative in association with United Nations Environment Programme.

•Through the power of creativity, Greenstorm aims at effecting appropriate behavioural changes among people.

•Through digital media, Greenstorm reaches out to the world, especially the youth and children.

Awards & Recognitions

Greenstorm has won several major national and international awards:

• IAA Olive Crown Award 2018 for Creative Excellence in Communicating Sustainability.

• NIB Award 2017 for the Best CSR Activation.

• Social Media Campaign of the Year 2018 by Public Relations Council of India.

• Gold Medal in the Pepper Awards 2018 for Best Photography.


Greenstorm Foundation

After creating a positive impact in the society for 9 years, in 2018, a not-for-profit organisation, Greenstorm Foundation, was formed and registered as a public trust, and launched by the celebrated Film Director and Advertising Guru Sri. R. Balakrishnan (Balki) at Kochi.

Greenstorm Foundation aims to spread awareness in the world on the need for environmental conservation, using the power of creativity and the reach of digital media, thereby effecting a positive impression in the mindset of the community, especially youth and children, leading to an appropriate behavioural change.



Greenstorm Foundation is managed by three trustees, Dileep Narayanan, CA George Korah and Anil K. Menon with the support of an advisory board of eminent personalities and an Executive council of like-minded people from diverse vocations along with a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

The activities of Greenstorm foundation are being guided by an eminent panel of Advisory Council and executed by an Executive Council with the support of the Trustees.

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