Creative Contests

Contests based on topics related to environmental preservation are being conducted every year since 2009 in connection with World Environment Day. Contests involve activities of a creative nature such as poster designs, tiny tales, photography, etc.

Selected creative works entered for the creative contests are exhibited on the Greenstorm Foundation website so public can view and vote for their favourite works and share them online. Works included on the exhibition are shortlisted by an eminent jury.

Ecostar Awards

Every year, awards are presented to eminent personalities from various walks of life who creatively invest their time, energy and goodwill for the conservation of the environment.

It is our mission to inculcate environmental consciousness in school children through affective storytelling. It’s the best and the only way we can ensure a better world for the coming generations. The objective is planting the seed of environmental awareness generation among school children, by reaching out to more than 50 schools in 2019, which means approximately 50,000 students more responsible towards Mother Nature, leading to behavioural changes.


Curated Show At Kochin Design Week 2019

The Kochi Design Week 2019 will have an exclusively curated show of the Greenstorm Award Winning Photographs. The show will promote the core message of ‘Communicating Sustainability’ through creative renditions in the form of real-life photos and their intriguing stories.